Mirena Intrauterine Device

Dr Cathy Lee has an interest in all aspects of women’s health, including pregnancy planning and care, period problems, contraception and menopause.

Mirena and Kyleena are popular birth control devices that Dr Cathy Lee is certified to provide to women, including insertion, removal and after care support. Lasting for up to five years, the Mirena is a 3.8 cm T-shaped device inserted inside the uterus that releases a hormone called levonorgestrel. Mirena is also indicated to manage heavy bleeding and as part of hormone replacement therapy.

Please make a long appointment if you wish to discuss whether Mirena / Kyleena is suitable for you. If you already have a Mirena / Kyleena and wish to have this replaced, please book a standard appointment.

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She is certified to also insert Implanon. Read more here: